Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato
Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato
Inubousaki is located on the eastern edge in Chiba, and is well-known as the earliest point of sunrise in Japan. We built [Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato] for enjoying the magnificent Pacific Ocean in front of our eyes and blessing the nature of hot spring from the earth.

The fresh seafood caught from the Pacific ocean is served to you as the Cuisine of Japanese food by skillful chefs delicately, as the Bar-B-Q dynamically. The Choshi fishing port prosperous from of old is still one of the biggest ports in Japan. Also Choshi is a productive center of Soy Sauce indispensable for Japanese food culture and hand down traditional Japanese Food culture.

The staff who can speak Korean and English is in residence, so the customers from foreign countries could stay relaxingly, of course we will correspond of by telephone.

Besides enjoying the natural hot spring spa and pool, we have the Karaoke rooms, the game corner, the ground golf course of our own. You can bathe in the sea on the beach in the neighborhood, also you can enjoy fishing in the beach and the fishing port. Moreover the country club is scattered in inner land, you can playreal golf, if you want it.

[Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato] is located in Chiba Prefecture. New Tokyo International Airport,too. By the train, you can go to Choshi station by the JR Narita Line. we could take you to [Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato]. (*necessary for reservation). By the car for the rent, you could drive to [Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato] for 90min. If you go toward Tokyo, it takes to Maihama (in which Tokyo Disney Land is located) for 150 min. It’s a good place for a holiday with your family.

Please come to [Ocean Spa Taiyou no Sato], if you spend the time for next vacation in Japan.
We will sincerely welcome you.
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Charge Explanation
DAY USE SERVICE HOURS Open 10am to 8am.
PRICES General admission Adults (12 and over) ¥1500
Children (3-11)¥650
Infant Free
Evening rate Adults (12 and over) ¥1300
Children (3-11)¥600
Late night charge
(after 1am)
Adults (12 and over) ¥1300
Children (3-11)¥650
New Year's Eve night will be extra charges. Adults (12 and over) ¥3500
Children (3-11)¥1800
Morning bath rate
(5am to 8 am)
Adults (12 and over) ¥1100
Member prices Entrance fee ¥1620
Adults(12 and over)¥1300
Adults evening rate ¥1100
Membership is 550 yen valid for one year.
Amenities included in the price Towel, Bath towel, Hotel wear, Toothbrushes, Combs,
Razor, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap
STAYING Room in stay hours 15pm to 10am
The main building facilities can be used at 11am to 10am
HONKAN Occupancy: 2 people minimum 6 people max.
with open air bath in room included dinner and breakfast.
1 people fee: ¥18800 & up
ZUIKAKU-SO (Special rooms) Occupancy: 2 people minimum 4 people max.
with open air bath in room included special Japanese dinner
and Breakfast.
1 people fee: ¥36800 & up
Date of stay and number of people at have different prices.
Bath tax of 150 yen per adults' person is required separately.
For more information, please contact us at 81+ 479-25-6000.